Luxe Cordless Desk Lamp Review

Luxe Cordless Desk Lamp Review

Desk lamps come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. While the term desk lamp makes the nature of these lamps rather evident, you will find that some desk lamps are much more than a lamp which is meant to be placed on a desk. In fact, some desk lamps can't be put on a desk at all, though they can still light it up.

The type of desk lamp that we are referring to is the wall-mounted desk lamp. These lamps allow you to conserve a good deal of space on your desk because they are meant to be installed directly onto a nearby wall. This allows them to provide lighting to a wider area as well.

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp


Other types of desk lamps include magnifying desk lamps. These models are rather unique. They are not meant to be used in the same way as a regular desk lamp. Think of magnifying desk lamps as giant magnifying glasses with an attached ring of lights that allow you to see the subject better.

One of the most common types of desk lamp that you will find is the gooseneck desk lamp. These feature the classic articulated neck that allows you to better light up different corners of your desk. Gooseneck lamps are arguably the most affordable and common types of desk lamps that you will come across.

High-quality desk lamps tend to be constructed in the swing arm style. This allows for much more resilient construction and better reliability. Swing arm desk lamps also tend to have a more classy aesthetic, but this is often subject to personal taste. There are many other types of desk lamps that we have not described in this short intro.

Before we get to our review, we are going to look at two characteristics which are highly essential to ensure that you purchase a desk lamp of reasonably high quality.


While it may not seem like an aspect which one would search for in a desk lamp, you will find that a more durable desk lamp will be likely to last you for a much longer time. Increased longevity for your desk lamp means that you end up getting more out of your money.

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp


Durability is often the result of design mixed with construction methods. You can have a desk lamp which is designed to be as resilient as possible, but a flawed manufacturing process can make it just as susceptible to damage as a five dollar lamp. Quality desk lamps are sometimes tricky to find.

Power Source

The next thing to consider is the power source that you want in your new desk lamp. There are two main options when it comes to power sources, and they each have their pros and cons. The most common type is the traditional wired desk lamp, which features a power cable that is meant to plug into an outlet.

On the other hand, you can opt for a cordless model of desk lamp which will offer superior portability but will either require disposable batteries or must be recharged after use. Models with rechargeable batteries will usually degrade over time as the battery loses the ability to maintain a charge.

About The Product

This wireless desk lamp is manufactured by Luxe, a well-known manufacturer of quality lamps. This is one of the best quality cordless desk lamps which are available, and it comes in a variety of colors so it can fit into your decor.

Specifications Of The Lamp

  • This desk lamp comes in four different colors: rose gold, gold, silver, and space gray
  • ​Features three separate light temperatures as well as six different brightness levels
  • ​Feature a battery life of 40 hours
  • Features water- and fall-resistant construction
  • Comes included with a micro-USB cable for charging
Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp


You may be surprised to learn that this cordless desk lamp is one of the most durable lamps that you will come across. It is designed to resist falls from up to a meter, and it features a water-resistant design, so you won't have to deal with spills damaging it.

The battery can be charged in about 3 hours, and a charge will usually last for about two days of continuous use. This makes it suited for last minute projects that may end up taking all day, so you won't have to worry about your desk lamp dying out on you before the day is even done.

Keep in mind that the micro-USB cable which comes packaged with this light is optimized for charging this particular product, so you may end up damaging the light if you use a different cable. The brightness and temperature of this light can be adjusted according to your liking as well.

What Others Say

Other customers were equally impressed with this cordless desk lamp, as evidenced by the abundance of positive reviews. Consumers were mainly impressed by the sensitivity of the controls, which allow you to adjust this light in terms of color and brightness more easily. The aesthetic of this lamp was also highly praised.

Luxe Cordless Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp

Some of the complaints we came across were directed at the inconsistency of the battery life and the inability to use other micro-USB cables with this lamp without damaging it. In fact, these two complaints may be related, since the battery can end up damaged by an improper charging cable.

Buying Advice

This desk lamp is designed to be of exceptionally high quality, but the price is a little higher than some of the competition to make up for it. This lamp costs about 200 dollars when not on sale, but it can drop to as low as 60 at times. It can be found available on Amazon and many other retailers.


If you are looking for the best cordless desk lamp, this is very likely the best product you will come across. The combination of excellent lighting and user friendliness makes this model an excellent choice for any customer.

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