BYB Swing Arm Desk Lamp Review

BYB Swing Arm Desk Lamp Review

There are many reasons why a desk lamp can be a crucial purchase. We will go over some of them before we get to our review. The most obvious reason is that a desk lamp allows you to see what you are working on more easily than any of the other lights in your room since the light is more concentrated and closer to you.

Light is highly necessary when it comes to ensuring that you can work efficiently. There has been a massive number of studies that have demonstrated the effects of proper lighting on work quality. All of these studies have concluded that adequate lighting is a crucial part of ensuring that workers are motivated and working properly.

BYB E430 Metal Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This also extends to different types of lights. Warmer light makes it harder to work, as you will feel more relaxed, which does not make for an optimal state of mind for work. While one may assume that it is important to feel comfortable while working, too much relaxation will make you tired and reduce your work motivation.

The ideal lighting condition for work is actually cool lighting. This is why you will rarely find warmer, more inviting lights in offices, schools and other workplaces. Unfortunately, the clinical look of cool lights tends to discomfort most people when they are not working; this is why desk lamps with cooler bulbs are ideal for work.

Today, we are going to be looking at one of the best desk lamps that we have had the pleasure of reviewing. Before we get to the review itself, we will go over a characteristic. This aspect is crucial to all desk lamps and lights in general. In fact, it is the main reason we require lights in the first place.


Brightness is one of the most important aspects of any light. The whole point of a light is to brighten up an area, so a lamp with insufficient brightness will not be handy at all. On the other hand, a lamp which is too bright will also be distracting and can surprisingly do some damage to your eyes in the long run.

BYB E430 Metal Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Some of the better desk lamps you will come across feature adjustable brightness, this feature allows you to choose the ideal brightness level for your needs. Some lamps feature preset levels, and some will let you use a knob or other control input to select a specific degree of brightness.

There are a few advantages to having a finer level of control over the brightness of your lamp. Some customers may not be satisfied with the presets that are included with lamps that feature levels of brightness instead of gradual adjustment. Unfortunately, the former method is easier to implement, so it is far more widespread.

A progressive brightness knob will allow you to find the best level of brightness for your needs, but it can also put a strain on the light bulbs that you are using. This may end up decreasing the lifespan of your light, which will necessitate more frequent replacement of the light bulbs.

About The Product

This desk lamp is designed and manufactured by BYB, a leading manufacturer in the field of workstation lighting. It is built in the same style as an architect's work light and features many of the same features you would expect to find in such a light.

Specifications Of The Desk Lamp

  • Can be toggled between six different brightness levels
  • Features four different light temperature settings for work or relaxation
  • ​Interface is touch capable
  • ​Uses a desk clamp for attachment to your workstation
  • Features three articulation points capable of moving in multiple axes
  • Product is sold with an 18-month guarantee
BYB E430 Metal Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp


As we stated earlier, this is one of the best desk lights that we have ever come across. Everything from the build quality to the user interface is highly impressive on this model. It is one of the most durable desk lamps we have seen, thanks to its very solid construction, this feels like a lamp which can last years if not decades.

The articulation points all function smoothly, and some feature multiple ranges of movement in different directions for ideal light positioning. The implementation of a desk clamp ensures that this light will not end up taking up valuable real estate in the center of your desk, and the long arm makes sure that you can shine light everywhere.

Like most high-quality desk lamps, this model is capable of being adjusted regarding light temperature as well as brightness, so you can get the ideal lighting conditions for your work to go smoothly. We would still maintain that this product's greatest strength is its excellent construction, however.

What Others Say

Other customers were equally impressed with this desk lamp since most of the reviews we looked through were highly positive. It was highly praised for its excellent level of versatility when compared to other desk lamps. In reality, this product is more of work light than a desk lamp, as it can be used in many technical applications.

BYB E430 Metal Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

There were some negative reviews, however and many of them had to do with the light coming assembled backward. Thankfully, it is a relatively quick process to put the lighting unit on the right way so it will take five minutes of work at most.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more pricey models of desk lamp that you will come across, but this is to be expected since it is a quality product. This desk lamp can be purchased from many retailers, both online and otherwise, including Amazon. It retails anywhere from 100 dollars to 250 dollars, depending on your choice of retailer.


If you want the best LED desk lamp available, we would argue that you have found it in this model. While there may be some minor issues with the assembly and delivery process, the vast majority of what we’ve seen in this desk lamp is encouraging.

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